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It wasn’t a Burmese python. Check out what these two snake wranglers found in Florida

A snake-wrangling couple bought a giant shock the opposite day in Southwest Florida.

In response to their social media accounts, Rhett and Taylor Stanberry had acquired a message from a involved house owner close to Naples a few “enormous python” within the yard.

The 2 wildlife professionals went to the realm and realized that no, it wasn’t a python, however a boa constrictor, and the large gal was albino.

On their YouTube account, the Stanberrys approach the reptile, positioned in some thick grass.

“I virtually didn’t suppose it was actual,” says Rhett of the boa, which is a non-venomous snake present in tropical South America and Central America. “That’s the fattest boa constrictor I’ve ever seen.”

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“He’s so fats he can’t get away,” Taylor provides.

When the house owner inquires the way it might have entered the property, the wranglers say they suppose it might have been somebody’s unique pet that was launched into the wild.

It didn’t go quietly.

“This boa was simply as defensive as a wild Burmese python,” Rhett writes in his submit. “Who is aware of how lengthy it’s been on the market consuming bunnies (and doubtless cats).”

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After getting it again to their facility, the mega critter was measured, clocking in 9 toes and 5 inches lengthy, and weighing 52.6 kilos.

“We see why you have been let go,” Taylor says laughing, because the snake hisses.

“She could be very defensive,” says Rhett. “That is as massive as they get … gorgeous.”

The boa, which is in danger within the wild as a result of it can not camouflage on account of its lack of pigmentation, might be staying at their facility below the FWC’s Class III License, which permits possession of a non-domesticated animal.

Taylor summed up their adventures on her Instagram, which included a large shot of their new roommate.

“Florida is simply loopy!”

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