Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Elizabeth Banks Nearly Face-Plants On Oscars Stage, Has Flawless Recovery

Actor/filmmaker Elizabeth Banks tripped as she walked onto the Oscars stage on Sunday evening to current the award for visible results ― however she had a reasonably sound restoration.

First, she managed to regain her steadiness with out truly falling regardless of a costume trailing a number of toes behind her, then comically tiptoed to the mic.

And second, she delivered a strong line as soon as she safely reached her vacation spot.

“He tripped me!” she stated, referring to somebody in a bear costume following her on stage, representing the lead character in her new movie “Cocaine Bear.”

A budget-looking bear costume was a far cry from the VFX-generated ursine terror in her film.

“With out visible results, that is what the bear would appear to be,” she stated because the costumed bear goofed round subsequent to her:

“Visible results can improve any story and are an unbelievable instrument for filmmakers like me, and with out visible results ‘Cocaine Bear’ would’ve been some actor in a bear go well with in all probability on cocaine,” Banks cracked.

“Avatar: The Method of Water” took house the trophy.

Banks maintained her humorousness concerning the incident on social media, tweeting:

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