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A Simple Fix for a Low Sex Drive


The testosterone ranges of girls taking the zinc complement almost doubled. The typical rating of the FSFI soared from 19.23 to 31.91. And, because it usually does in males, hemoglobin and hematocrit ranges rose too, however to not the purpose of being an issue (elevated ranges of these two blood values have been related to a rise in cardiovascular occasions).

The unusual factor is that researchers around the globe cannot show a direct relationship between testosterone and feminine intercourse drive, but there it’s, in a number of research. Testosterone ranges improve and so does feminine arousal.

It’s a reality, although, that low(er) ranges of estrogen can negatively have an effect on feminine intercourse drive, together with being a reason for poor vaginal lubrication. However, since aromatase enzymes act on testosterone to transform it to estradiol (essentially the most potent type of estrogen), the elevated ranges of estrogen, courtesy of extra testosterone, may assist clarify the testosterone-libido connection.

Nonetheless, I bumped into an issue attempting to determine precisely how zinc elevates testosterone in girls. It is true that zinc is concerned in a number of hundred enzyme reactions within the physique, a number of of which happen within the Leydig cells discovered within the testicles of males. Ample ranges of serum zinc make sure that the Leydig cells pump out enough quantities of testosterone.

However girls haven’t got Leydig cells or, in fact, testicles, so how does taking zinc result in greater ranges of testosterone?

I Googled the subject so laborious and livid that the lights in my workplace dimmed. I lastly discovered my Eureka second in an obscure Spanish medical journal (2):

“Within the ovaries of grownup girls, there are cells which are similar to Leydig cells, the ovarian hilus cells (OHC), which additionally produce testosterone… The morphological and immunohistological findings had been like these described for testicular Leydig cells. Due to this fact, OHC might be thought-about ovarian Leydig cells (OLC).”

There it’s (perhaps). Having adequate serum zinc ranges in women and men make sure that the male Leydig cells

and their feminine counterpart produce optimum ranges of testosterone.

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