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6 Ways to Build Shoulders That Don’t Wanna Grow

The handstand is usually a helpful addition to your program when your aim is boulder shoulders.

The handstand and handstand push-up variations are examples of closed-chain workouts. Versus holding onto a barbell or dumbbell in an overhead press, the fingers are affixed to an immovable object similar to the ground or parallettes.

It’s essential to management your physique round this fastened place, creating a novel demand for muscular coordination. Moreover, handstand work can have a constructive switch to its free-weight counterparts. It is a particular confidence booster to know you may management your complete body weight inverted.

Handstands do require a component of mobility, specifically shoulder flexion and wrist extension. You probably have limitations, this will likely necessitate utilizing push-up handles for the wrists or utilizing a regression that does not absolutely tax overhead mobility.

I am assuming none of us are going to the Olympics for gymnastics anytime quickly, so accessible choices embrace back-to-wall handstands, belly-to-wall handstands, and pike handstand push-ups.

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